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The following reports and institutional resources (presented in alphabetical order) are recognized sources of data, information, and insights about Arizona. With a variety of purposes and programs, the work of these institutions and others is used frequently by civic leaders and residents to understand issues and develop solutions. However, they represent only a starting point for learning and research.



Arizona Health Survey - thumbnailArizona Health Survey 

“The Arizona Health Survey is aimed at deepening the understanding of health and well-being in our state. It creates new opportunities for Arizona health leaders to use Arizona-specific data in their research, policy development, advocacy, planning, grant making, community engagement and program development activities.”

Arizona Commerce Authority - logoArizona Commerce Authority Research Center 

“The Office of Economic Information and Research serves as the State’s clearinghouse for economic information and manages strategic research related to Arizona’s economy. The Office also provides information and analyses of trends, opportunities, best practices, market issues and department/program impacts.”

The Arizona We Want - report
The Arizona We Want 

“A realistic and comtemporary picture of what citizens think about life in Arizona communities, what they want for the future, and how we can work together to achieve a common set of goals.”

The Center for the Future of Arizona, October, 2009

Arizona Indicators - Morrison
Arizona Indicators 

“A public resource that provides economic, education, innovation, sustainability and quality of life data on metro Phoenix and the State of Arizona as well as graphs, tables, and maps to help the public and policymakers navigate and understand the complex indicator data that will determine Arizona’s future.”

The Morrison Institute for Public Policy | Arizona State University

Flinn Foundation - The Big Picture - annual reportFlinn Foundation Annual Report: “The Big Picture” 

An essay by Flinn Foundation President and CEO Jack Jewett addresses how Arizona can move forward into its second century. Several of Jewett’s observations hold relevance for those working to strengthen civic leadership in Arizona.

The Flinn Foundation, December, 2010

Arizona Rural Policy Institute - NAU
Arizona Rural Policy Institute 

“The Arizona Rural Policy Institute (ARPI) helps improve the quality of life in Arizona’s rural communities by conducting policy analysis and research on a wide spectrum of essential issues and topics. ARPI publishes research outcomes in policy reports for local, regional, and statewide dissemination and provides technical assistance to communities for policy implementation.”

W.A. Franke College of Business | Northern Arizona University

Arizona Town Hall
Arizona Town Hall 

“Arizona Town Hall is a private, nonprofit civic organization created in 1962 to establish, through research and discussion, an ever-increasing body of Arizona citizens accustomed to the processes of searching analysis and well-informed on the many facets of the state’s economic, cultural and social life.”

Economic and Business Research Center - Eller
Economic and Business Research Center 

“The Economic and Business Research Center’s mission is to provide the Arizona community of business and public-sector decision makers with applied research and information on economic, demographic and business trends in Arizona.”

Eller College of Management | University of Arizona

Goldwater Institute - Arizona
Goldwater Institute 

“An independent government watchdog supported by people who are committed to expanding free enterprise and liberty. The Institute develops innovative, principled solutions to pressing issues facing the states and enforces constitutionally limited government through litigation.”

Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting 

“OSPB is entrusted with planning and analyzing the state’s budget. It analyzes individual state agency budget requests and makes its own budget recommendations to the Governor, who then presents the executive budget proposal to the Legislature. After budgets are approved by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor, OSPB monitors agency activities for adherence to executive and legislative policy objectives.”

State of Arizona

Joint Legislative Budget Committee
Joint Legislative Budget Committee 

“The primary powers and duties of the JLBC relate to ascertaining facts and making recommendations to the Legislature regarding all facets of the state budget, state revenues and expenditures, future fiscal needs, and the organization and functions of state government.”

Arizona Legislature

Pew Center on the States - Arizona
Pew Center on the States – Arizona 

“Researching emerging topics, developing 50-state comparisons, identifying innovative approaches among states to complex problems, and, when the facts are clear, advocating for nonpartisan, pragmatic solutions—these are the signature efforts of the Pew Center on the States.”

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy 

“The Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy sponsors policy-relevant, interdisciplinary research and forums that link scholarship and education with decisionmaking.”

University of Arizona

Workforce Informer
Workforce Informer 

“The Arizona Workforce Informer provides a wide variety of labor market information for Arizona, including: local area employment and unemployment statistics; occupation and industry employment estimates and projections; wage survey data, and more.”

State of Arizona