For current Flinn-Brown Fellows

As is appropriate, this page may contain information and links to resources for currently enrolled Fellows in the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy. Generally, documents and materials for the current Academy are uploaded to a password-protected site on

Class Schedule, Fall 2011 Civic Leadership Academy

The schedule (subject to change) for the Fall 2011 Academy class is as follows:

Session 1 Friday, September 9, 2011
Session 2 Saturday, September 10
Session 3 Friday, September 16
Session 4 Saturday, September 17
Session 5 Saturday, October 1
Session 6 Friday, October 7
Session 7 Friday, October 21
Session 8 Saturday, October 22
Session 9 Friday, November 4
Session 10 Saturday, November 5
Session 11 Friday, November 18
Session 12 Saturday, November 19

Note: Sessions will run from early morning to late afternoon. Attendance is mandatory for the full day, including each day’s luncheon presentation. Lunch will be provided. The welcome dinner and graduation reception will be held in the evening and involve Fellows, their guests, board members of the Flinn and Brown foundations, and mentors. All classes, including the receptions, will be held at the Flinn Foundation, 1802 North Central Avenue in Phoenix.