Flinn-Brown Academy Program of Study

The Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy includes a series of 12 day-long seminars over 3 months that cover timely, critical state issues. Academy sessions are held on Fridays and Saturday.

The program starts with an overview of public-policy development, state government, and the influences and factors currently shaping politics and the development of public policy. It concludes with the Fellows presenting their policy projects and considering their next steps in civic leadership.

The seminars cover such topics as:

  • Arizona’s fiscal system and budget
  • The economy, growth, and jobs
  • Higher education
  • K-12 education
  • Water
  • Media and ethics
  • Health systems
  • Human services
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Migration, immigration, and the border

Seminars include facts and figures, different perspectives about the problems and solutions, and consideration of how solutions are developed and implemented. Elected and appointed officials, agency heads, scholars, and practitioners who have dealt directly with the issues provide most of the content.

Supplementing the face-to-face learning, Fellows are asked to read materials before each seminar.

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