Arizona LeaderForce Adds Two New Community Engagement Initiatives

Arizona LeaderForce, an initiative of the Collaboration for a New Century (CNC), recently launched two new programs that expand its commitment to strengthening human services in the Phoenix metropolitan area through collaboration and community engagement.

The new programs, AZLF Agency Forum and the Collaboration Consulting Corps., support AZ LeaderForce’s existing nine-month leadership program, which develops a network of community leaders—Coaches—and human service partners—Blue Ribbon agencies—that collaborate to take action.

Each year, CNC identifies six nonprofit agencies for strategic support. Blue Ribbon agencies are chosen based on their track record for being innovative, community-based, holistic, collaborative, and outcome-focused. Each agency fits into one of six human service categories: child development, youth mentoring, affordable housing, job training, family support, and affordable health care.

Over nine months, the Coaches share their expertise with Blue Ribbon agencies to help them build capacity and expand services. Blue Ribbon agencies have included UMOM New Day Centers, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona, and ChilpHelp. The next AZ LeaderForce group will begin April 2013.

The recently announced AZLF Agency Forum, starting this fall, will provide Blue Ribbon agencies with an additional opportunity to work with Coaches and deepen relationships with fellow Blue Ribbon agencies. Participants will meet in intensive two-hour sessions to share best practices; identify volunteer opportunities; facilitate growth opportunities for agency staff; and discuss potential solutions to agency challenges.

AZ LeaderForce’s second new program, Collaboration Consulting Corps., matches Blue Ribbon agencies with Coaches that provide individual, short-term assistance on a specified project or service area. Upon request, AZ LeaderForce pairs an agency with a volunteer consultant who has the specific expertise needed by the agency. Once matched, the consultant works with the agency to execute a particular project.

Interested in becoming a Blue Ribbon agency? Or do you have a career’s worth of experience and expertise to share as an AZ LeaderForce Coach? Visit to get involved.

CNC was formed in 1999 by former Phoenix Suns owner, Jerry Colangelo, and his friend, Dr. Bill Starr, whose concern for the Valley’s poor led them to take action. CNC’s vision is to see business, faith, philanthropy, and government leaders working together to ensure that individuals and families in vulnerable communities have healthy, independent lives.

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