10 ways to engage government with the public online

Click to download "Using Online Tools to Engage--and Be Engaged by--the Public"The IBM Center for the Business of Government, a respected resource for public-sector executives seeking ways to improve the effectiveness of government, has issued a new report: “Using Online Tools to Engage – and Be Engaged by – the Public.”

The report, by Matt Leighninger of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, is a compendium of ten essential tactics for engaging the public, grouped under three headings: Collaboration, Surveying Attitudes, and Prioritizing Options.

Leighninger pairs description of how each tactic could be employed with brief case studies of institutions using the approach, and provides links to more than 40 online tools for implementing the tactics, from free options like Wikispaces and Dropbox to fee-for-service tools like Ascentum Choicebook and Community Viz.

The downloadable version of the report, a hyperlinked PDF file, will be expanded and updated over time to reflect changes in practice and new tools that become available for strengthening engagement with the public.

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