How will your community achieve The Arizona We Want?

Five Communities Project (Photo by Flickr user lou)

The Center for the Future of Arizona has launched the Five Communities Project to encourage the development of “bold new ideas for achieving The Arizona We Want.”

The Center for the Future of Arizona is inviting communities to submit proposals that describe how they could address one or more of the citizen-articulated goals identified by the Gallup Arizona Poll. The five communities selected to work with CFA will develop and implement their plans over three years, applying with CFA for national funding.

The goals identified by the Gallup Arizona Poll:

  • Create quality jobs for all Arizonans;
  • Educate Arizonans of all ages for the 21st century;
  • Make Arizona “the place to be” for talented young people;
  • Provide health insurance for all, with payment assistance for those who need it;
  • Protect Arizona’s natural environment, water supplies, and open spaces;
  • Build a modern, effective transportation system and infrastructure;
  • Increase civic involvement;
  • Increase citizens’ connnection to one another.

A community is broadly defined in the initiative. Municipalities, school districts, tribal communities, economic-development regions, religious communities, large neighborhood organizations, or other entities with clear geographic boundaries are all encouraged to submit plans and participate in this important project.

Underlying the Five Communities Project, CFA explains, is a principle articulated in a recent Case Foundation report:

In this report, Case proposed using approaches beyond voting and volunteering to focus on the “process of civic engagement where ordinary people come together, deliberate, and take action on problems or issues they themselves have defined as important and in ways they deem appropriate.”

If your community is interested in participating, visit the Five Communities Project website. The deadline for submitting letters of intent is Monday, May 16, 2011.

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