ASU President Crow and longtime sports executive Colangelo discuss leadership on Horizon

Jerry Colangelo, co-chair of the Arizona Commerce Authority, speaks about leadership with Ted Simons on the PBS public affairs program Horizon.

On the Feb. 7 broadcast of Horizon, the public-affairs program of KAET television, Arizona State University President Michael Crow and business executive Jerry Colangelo joined host Ted Simons in a wide-ranging discussion of leadership.

Themselves two of Arizona’s most well-known leaders, Dr. Crow and Colangelo, who co-chairs the Arizona Commerce Authority, spoke about how they define leadership and what they see as the most important characteristics of strong leaders. They concluded by discussing how current civic leaders should prioritize the diverse and complex range of challenges that they presently confront.

Historically in Arizona, Colangelo said, leaders “found a way to work together for the betterment of the community, for the betterment of this state.” Today, he continued, “we need people to come together, to compromise, with the common good in mind. Our state is faced with a number of issues right now: We need jobs, we need to bring in companies, we need to improve our educational system, we need transportation infrastructure.”

Dr. Crow suggested that many institutions, including the state’s universities, hold the capacity to demonstrate in a competitive environment that they can provide Arizona with some of the leaders and leadership it needs.

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