What’s new at the Center

Arizona Civic Leadership Directory - map

The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership’s three core components are:

All three components are strengthened by two of the Center’s newest developments:

Directory of Local and Regional Leadership Programs in Arizona

Scores of local and regional programs prepare Arizonans to get involved in their communities and learn how to be leaders. For the first time, thanks to the cooperative effort of these programs, Arizona has a directory of local and regional nonpartisan civic-leadership training programs.

The map-based directory, which includes descriptions and contact information for some 50 programs–with more to be added as we learn about them–is based on Battelle’s research leading up to the creation of the Center. We anticipate the directory helping to connect more Arizonans to local and regional programs.

To suggest more programs to include in the directory, contact program manager Emily Rajakovich.

Gathering of the Collaborative

On January 13, more than 60 professionals from Arizona leadership organizations–many representing the organizations described in the directory–attended an event launching the Arizona Civic Leadership Collaborative.

The meeting constituted one of the first times such a group has met to discuss a common agenda. At the gathering, representatives also discussed their priorities for 2011 and their approaches for increasing civic leadership and engagement throughout Arizona. In particular, the Collaborative members saw the need to work together to:

  • Build a strong alumni network as part of a “pipeline” of civic-leadership development for Arizona residents of all ages;
  • Develop joint initiatives for communication and resource dissemination;
  • Create ways to measure program outcomes.

Face-to-face meetings of the Collaborative will take place approximately three times per year with virtual events and online collaboration between meetings. To learn more or get involved in the Collaborative, contact program manager Emily Rajakovich.

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