New Facebook terms benefit state and local governments

New Facebook Terms of Service - state and local governmentThe National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has concluded more than a year of conversations with Facebook regarding the latter’s policies for state and local governments. The result: revised terms of service that should make it easier for governments and agencies to communicate with the residents they serve via Facebook pages.

As Public CIO reports, the new terms of service will:

  • strike the indemnity clause except to the extent indemnity is allowed by a state’s constitution or law;
  • strike language requiring that legal disputes be venued in California courts and adjudicated under California law;
  • require that a public agency include language directing consumers to its official website prominently on any Facebook page; and
  • encourage amicable resolution between public entities and Facebook over any disputes.

The president of NASCIO, West Virginia Chief Technology Officer Kyle Schafer, predicted the agreement “will allow broader and more appropriate use of this important tool by state governments across the country.”

While we’re on the subject of Facebook, a question for you:

Which Arizona state agencies or local governments do you see using Facebook (or other social-media tools) most effectively?

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